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Archive for December, 2011

Happy Holidays

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Thanks to all of you who have helped us out this year, we truly could not run a successful organization without the help of dedicated volunteers. Special thanks to Carla Klassen from Clay Graphic Design for her valuable graphic contributions and for choosing The Ssubi Foundation to support this holiday season.   Also a special thank you to Leah Newman of Bloom Hair.

From the Uganda end, we wish to thank Dusman Okee, our Director of Operations who keeps things running smoothly all year round with the his Ssubi team in Ug, Joni and Evelyn.

R.T. Library at Lela Obaro

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Things are going really well at Lela Obaro Primary School, they have hired a librarian, as the teaching staff was finding it difficult to manage with all their other responsibilities. The head teacher is currently looking into plans for sending the librarian for training in January 2012.  The library has so much potential.

R.T. Library at Lela Obaro

A Visit to Lukoto

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Dusman recently returned from a visit to Lukto School… he writes “The clean environment, the pupils and the community at this school made me forget, that, I had endured three hours in the worst road in the country to reach this remote school. As you maneuver through the thicket, to reach this school, somewhere you approach a large well catered for compound and finally emerge to see Lukoto Primary School. Although, it was a day to the  school  break off, for holidays, the pupils were still at school and from nowhere, they keep appearing from the bushes to swell the numbers. Since we build two classrooms, the primary one kids are using a veranda, as one of the classroom and the old structure was completely abandoned all together.” We have also heard from the District Education office that a Japanese NGO has agreed to help build more classrooms:) The Ssubi Foundation plans to help build teacher accommodations in the future.

Lukoto student resting on termite mound

Classroom on the outside veranda of new school block

Practicing her writing

Inside new classroom block

Listening to the teacher in class on the weekend, Dusman's visit must have generated some excitment

The Ssubi Foundation Christmas eNews

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The Ssubi Foundation just sent out its Christmas eNews to all its supporters. It can be found here.

Solar lighting for the dormitories at Lilly School

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The Ssubi Foundation would like to thank the Charukr family from Toronto for donating the funds to install solar lighting in the dormitories of Lilly Kindergarden and Primary School. The school currently supported 30 orphans, whom live near by the school in run-down dormitories. Installation of the solar lighting will take place before Christmas and I’m sure there will be some very happy children at this time.

Boys dormitory

Boys dormitory

Madame Odita – Success at Lela Obaro

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Dusman just returned from Gulu where he visited all the schools we support and he was impressed with the progress at all schools. The photos and successes at Lela Obaro provided by Dusman made me cry, the school team (administrators, teachers and parents) have taken the challenge of becoming a model school for northern Uganda.  We would like to congratulate the Head Teacher Madame Odita who started at Lela Obaro 6 months ago and through strong smart leadership has taken the school to a whole new level.  We hope to continue supporting Lela Obaro next year by building additional teacher accommodations. Here are some of the photos.

Richard Theriault Library – re-organized, neat and tidy. The school has hired a new librarian and Lela Obaro and The Ssubi Foundation will work together to provide a training program for the librarian.

Richard Theriault Library – re-organized, neat and tidy. The school has hired a new librarian and Lela Obaro and The Ssubi Foundation will work together to provide a training program for the librarian.

Madame Odita in her office

Harvest from school farm (beans), the teachers lunch program has been established succesfully

Students cleaning the classrooms and compound

Flowers planted around flag pole

Palm trees we planted in the summer to line entrance are protected from cattle

Ssubi is now on Twitter!

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Follow along with all the great things happening at the Ssubi Foundation by following them on Twitter.

Like Village Honda on Facebook and they will donate $2 to The Ssubi Foundation.

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Crowfoot Village Honda has been a core supporter of The Ssubi Foundation for the last five years. Without dedicated funders like Village Honda the foundation would not be where it is today.  In this time The Ssubi Foundation has supported four schools in Uganda, East Africa through the building of 17 classrooms, 2 libraries, 2 administrative offices and 7 teacher accommodations.  We have provided scholastic materials, music and sporting equipment to over 2500 students attending the 4 schools. The foundation also works closely with school administration and parent teacher associations to develop school farms, teacher feeding programs and to organise sports days and art classes.  These successes are possible through support from many generous Canadians. Village Honda has made it easy for Canadians to help by giving The Ssubi Foundation $2 for every person who likes Village Honda on Facebook