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Archive for March, 2012

Northern Uganda Leaders respond to Kony 2012

Monday, March 26th, 2012

The following videos were recently posted by Invisible Children, they feature prominent leaders from Northern Uganda. All these individuals have guided and worked closely with The Ssubi Foundation over the last five years.

Vincent Ochen, Gulu District Education Officer,
Martin Mapanduzi, Chairman Gulu District,
Norbert Mao, President Uganda Democratic Party and former Chairman Gulu District,

Art Classes continue at Lilly

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Jukoo and 2 other volunteer artists were back at Lilly this week to continue with the art classes. The Ssubi Foundation provides the artists with materials and transport. In this session, each class created a painting with the help of an artist. Dusman was on site to check out the products.

A visit with local artists

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Jukoo and fellow artists arrived at Lilly Primary School to teach art to some of the classes last week. The artists donate their time and ssubi paid for the art supplies. Dusman was on site to snap some pictures and encourage the children. Looks like Lilly features some good artists.  We plan to run a few more sessions, the ensure all the students have had a chance to participate.

A visit with Lilly Kindergarten

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Dusman spent some time at Lilly Kindergarten and Primary School last week to check on Rita and Gertrude. Both were name class perfects this year:) He said it rained heavily one of the days, check out the pictures.

Dusman with Rita and Gertrude

Drain pipe working overtime

Checking out the rain

Where is Joseph Kony?

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Hi all, I’m sure many of you have viewed the video made by Invisible Children about Joseph Kony and the Lords Resistant Army (LRA). If not and you are interested in all the chatter about this video here is the link:

The Ssubi Foundation, for the past five years has worked in Northern Uganda, where the atrocities in the video took place during a 20 year civil war. The LRA moved out of Uganda in 2006 and into other African countries (Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic) where unfortunately they are still using the same violent tactics, mutilations, massacres, rape and child abduction to grow their army. Northern Uganda for the past five has been in a period of rebuilding.  Imagine recovering from a 20 year civil war where everyone was living in internally displaced peoples camps and dependent on food aid. You would not only have to literally rebuild towns (schools, roads, medical clinics, hospitals, markets) but also heal from the injustice’s and loss of so many loved ones. It seems everyone in northern Ug was touched by this war and the effects on society will take time to recover and heal, but the human spirit is evident in most of the people you meet and from the actions happening on the ground.  For Ssubi, we are focused on educational initiatives as we believe it will make for a better future. The education system in northern Ug is lagging behind the rest of the country, the infrastructure needs are vast (classrooms, latrines, teacher accommodations) and the quality of education needs serious improvement, the region does not score well on national exams and enrollment into secondary school is only 14%. This highlights the success and achievement of Winnie (from Palenga Primary School in Gulu District), who succeeded despite all the odds and received a 1st grade in national primary leaving exams.  Winnie is now in secondary school in Kampala as a Ssubi sponsor child.

This summer we built a classroom block for Lukoto Primary School in northern Uganda (near where Konygrew up) and we were emotionally moved like never before. Here is the video to our work here this summer.  This little community school, made up of 80 students and 3 community teachers in a dilapidated structure highlighted the starting point for so many children in northern Ug. But it also shone with hope, as under these conditions, the parents had come together and started a school, hired three teachers whom they paid monthly with food (ie. bag of beans). Together with the parents of this community school we cleared land, built classrooms and celebrated their new infrastructure in style with dancing and singing. Most exciting was the solar panel, lights and cell phone charger to light up the night and enable people to charge their phones without having to commute to the nearest town. The building was a catalyst with the community taking the school to the next level,  as the community handed the land over the government and the government established Lukoto as a government school and has promised three permanent teaches to supplement the community teachers. Enrollment has already increased at the school and this year we hope to help build some teacher quarters.

Let us hope northern Ug continues to rebuild and Kony is stopped from harming others.

Kampala Bound

Monday, March 5th, 2012

As promised Winnie (from Palenga Primary School), who recently received a 1st grade in national primary leaving exams is now in secondary school in Kampala as a Ssubi sponsor child. Dusman reported that when he introduced Winnie to the headmistress, she reached out for her hand and said “I’m so happy to be at this school, it is my dream school.” We first met Winnie, three years ago at Palenga where she was one of stars of the netball team and was identified by Madam Openy (headmistress of Palenga Primary School) as strong academically. We promised Madam Openy if Winnie achieved high grades in school we would send her to secondary school. I’m not sure who was happier when Dusman told them we would like to take Winnie to school in Kampala, Winnie, her parents (whom could not afford to send her to secondary school) or Madam Openy. When Winnie arrived in Kampala she was met at the school by Micheal, Opio and Carol who told her she was lucky to join the school in level 1 as it will help her achieve success.  Here are some pictures of Winnie arriving at her new school and meeting the other Ssubi sponsor kids.

Inspiring Calgarian

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Carla White from Calgary is riding across Africa to deliver solar lanterns made by Star EcoWorks. Check out her website and you can support her efforts through Uend . Carla’s blogs are posted on the Star Ecoworks Facebook site.