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Reliving Uganda

Yesterday was an eventful day, in the morning I worked with Ssozi on building a wall for the school. I learned how to mix the cement, plumb a straight line and lay bricks. All the while Ssozi and I talked about life – I think his story is typical over here, he lost his mother at an early age and his father when he was in grade 6.

After his father died he was responsible for himself and started working as a builder, learning on the job. He is now 28 and has three young children which he supports. To save money on transport he sleeps on site and only goes home on Sunday. He likes working on Ssubi projects because we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner (usually food comes out of their pay) and they get paid on time. Seems like pretty reasonable perks from an employer to me.

Tracy and Ssozi building wall

In the afternoon, we went to the local zoo, where I used to work and I finally saw for the first time in Africa, a rhino. In Uganda rhinos were extirpated but there are now plans for reintroduction into the wild. I also saw the medicinal chimpanzee forest I planted 10 years ago, it is huge, I though they must have transplanted tree forgetting the growth rate is just so much fast here. Incredible I grew a forest in my life time from seeds.


Over and out,

(Director, Ssubi Foundation).

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