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The Ssubi Foundation and the parents of Lela Obaro helped dig a new garden to supplement the teacher and P7 feeding program.  We were impressed when over 200 parents arrived at the school with hoes in hand to start digging. They work in groups under a leader, each group responsible for a section of the garden.  The turn out is significant, as it is harvest season and people are very busy in their own gardens! The Ssubi Foundation contributed the seeds, sodas and a little volunteer labour to the endeavour. Thanks to Chris Ochouwon for the photos.

Parents digging up the garden

Parents taking a rest from the gardening

Philip talking about team-work with parents, while Evelyn translates.

Engineer John, Caeser Akena (Vice District Education Officer, Gulu District), Tracy (Ssubi), Madam Odita (Head Teacher Lela Obaro, Philip (Ssubi) and Evelyn (Ssubi) from left to right.

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