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Looking for 100 1st Grades!

Gulu District has a challenge; the government has set a goal of 100 1st grades in primary 7 national exams to show progress toward improving the educational quality in Northern Uganda.  A first grade is receiving greater than 80% in all courses. This is no easy feat in northern Uganda, as schools are still reestablishing themselves after returning home from the civil war.  They seem to be on the right track, in 2011 Gulu District received 66 1st grades, in 2010 there were 33 and in 2009 it was only three!  The expectation from Lela Obaro is ten 1st grades, there are 35 primary seven students and in 2011 they received two 1st grades. Students in Primary seven spend a lot of extra time at school studying and taking mock exams, hence the importance of the P7 feeding program we are working on establishing with school  administration and the parent teachers association.

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