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Construction on Schedule

The construction of the teacher accommodations at Lela Obaro Primary School continues at great speed.  We have now had visits from most of the district administrators, including Gulu District Deputy Chairman, Gulu Distirct Education Officer and his Deputy and the Gulu District Engineer. The district engineer provided us with a run down on some of the new building methods they are testing to improve environmental sustainability, including different style’s of pit latrines. Stay tuned to learn more about that:)  This year we built the toilets out of cement bricks to increase the strength of the building and to reduce our use of red clay bricks made using firewood.

Gulu DEO and District Engineer meeting with Mwanda and John (project engineers) and Ssubi team.

John (project engineer) on site

One of our women workers constructing a chimney

Pit latrines made with large cement bricks

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