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Happy Days

The Ssubi Foundation is pleased to announce we have received charitable status and are now accepting donations and issuing tax receipts. Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts through donations or as volunteers over the last three years.

Dusman, Director of Operations in Uganda has just returned from Gulu, where he was visiting our projects and sponsor children. One of the projects we plan to undertake this summer is to build teacher accommodations on site for the Lela Obalo Primary School, to encourage teachers and their families to stay closer to the school and reduce on absenteeism of teachers who make long commutes each day.  Below are some photos of teachers living quarters, we plan to build up to five two room accommodations on the school site for teachers and their families.

Teacher living quarters

A Teacher

The other project is to renovate an existing school block into a functional library, including shelving, tables and chairs and solar lighting and a closed off secure storage area for school equipment. The library will also be used as a staff teacher’s staff room. Below are some pictures of a storage room that we plan to renovate.

Library Sign

The Ssubi Foundation also recently installed ease troughs and a large water tank at Lily Kindergarten and Primary School to capture water for on site use. The school does not have a water supply, making cleaning and washing up after eating, cooking and using the toilet problematic. The water tank was installed behind one of the school blocks.

water tank

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