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Always good to have a Plan B

Well things for Philip and Dusman usually go as planned, but this time we have had a few complications. The Ssubi Foundation will not be building at Ayila Primary School this summer. The good news is another NGO, Abana Ministries is planning on building several classrooms with Ayila starting this summer. After many discussions with Aylia (very happy to have 2 NGO’s on site) and Abana Ministries, Ssubi decided the best thing to do for schools in northern Uganda was move on and help other schools as there is a lot of need in Northern Uganda.

After long discussions with the District Education Officer of Gulu District and school administrators we have confirmed 2 projects for the summer. The Foundation will be returning to Lela Obaro Primary School in Gulu District to help address overcrowding of classrooms through the replacement of 2 temporary structures with permanent classrooms, include a small office for teachers and new latrines.

In addition we will be assisting Lukoto Primary School in Gulu Dsitrict by building a classroom structure and latrines. This is a very remote school about 1.5 hours north of Gulu town. Our main focus will be on establishing a relationship with the teaching staff and developing a better understanding of their long term needs.

Here are a few pictures of the two schools we will be focused on, more will be posted shortly once Philip and Dusman sort out their internet connection.

Overcrowded classroom at Lela Obaro Primary School

Philip standing next to District Education Officer and administration and teaching staff of Lela Obaro Primary School

Lukoto Primary School temporary structure

Lukoto Primary School soccer pitch

Schools kids hanging out after school at Lukoto Primary School

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