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Located in Kampala, Uganda, Dusman Okee is the Operations Manager for The Ssubi Foundation. Dusman is responsible for managing the ongoing financial requirements of the children's educational needs, including paying for school fees, uniforms and supplies as required. In addition, Dusman acts as a "father-figure" to the children, many of whom have not previously had this type of relationship. He acts as the "heart and soul" of The Ssubi Foundation, letting the children know that they are well cared for and well loved. Dusman is also a liaison with the parents and/or childcare providers and The Ssubi Foudnation's Board of Directors, who are located in Canada, as well as with the various school and hospital personnel as is relevant to each child.

Dusman Okee


Philip grew up in Kampala, Uganda, where he resided until 2000. In Uganda, Philip owned and ran a fitness gym and represented Uganda in both kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. At his gym in Kampala, Philip trained a number of under-privileged and physically handicapped children in martial arts and fitness. He became a mentor to many of these children and provided them valuable life skills. Phil currently works at the Glencoe Club and Heavens fitness in Calgary as a personal fitness trainer and martial arts consultant. Philip is one of the founders of The Ssubi Foundation and enjoys being able to promote education in his birth country. He feels his successes in life are due to the education he received while younger and believes strongly that education is one of the keys to ending poverty.

Philip Ndugga

Tracy worked and lived in Uganda for four years in the late 1990's, as a biologist for the Jane Goodall Institute. During this time Tracy worked in remote sections of the country undertaking wildlife surveys and interviewing local communities about the impacts of parks on their livelihoods. While in Uganda Tracy experienced first hand true poverty where education was a luxury and circumstances limited an individual's opportunity to succeed. Tracy is one of the founders of The Ssubi Foundation and enjoys returning to Uganda to visit friends and family and work with the children.

Tracy Lee

Bob is a chartered accountant and lawyer, and is partner with the national firm of Gowling Lafleur Henderson L.L.P. Bob has a history of giving back to his community, he was a director with the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprises and is currently the board chair of the Boys and Girls Club. Bob continues to play a strong support role to The Ssubi Foundation in many areas, including his expertise on fincancial and accounting practices.

Robert Haggerman

Margot first became involved with The Ssubi Foundation as a volunteer in 2008, when she purchased and donated solar lights from Light up the World Foundation to schools supported by the foundation. Margot also spent a week as a volunteer in Uganda where she and Rick helped to build the Lily Kindergarten and Primary School. Margot currently lives in Calgary and is busy training her new dog Bosco.

Margot Theriault


Ellie is one of the founding members of The Ssubi Foundation and served on the board until 2009. Ellie helped to develop our mission and provided expertise and support to get us off the ground. She enjoyed her time in Uganda helping to build schools and visiting with the wonderful children of Uganda.

Ellie Siebens