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SSUBI - History


We are often asked what inspired us to develop The Ssubi Foundation.

The Ssubi Foundation was founded by Philip Ndugga, Ellie Siebens and Tracy Lee as a means to support educational initiatives in Uganda, East Africa.

Philip Ndugga was born and raised in Uganda and understands first hand the importance of an education to inspire hope in people and a community. "Someone once gave me an opportunity to continue my education and it helped put me where I am now. I want to give that back to others and ensure that children in Uganda have the same opportunity to receive an education and put themselves in better positions."

On one of his trips home to Uganda, Phillip discovered there were many opportunities to help other people, especially those living in IDP camps; especially school-aged children and their respective families. And it is from this humble beginning that the concept of The Ssubi Foundation - building hope - was formed.

Today, The Ssubi Foundation operates throughout Uganda in a non-religious and non-partisan manner. The Ssubi Foundation is made up of four Canadian-based directors and an Operations Manager who is located in Kampala, Uganda (see Directors and Staff). Together, they work to provide educational support to school-aged children, micro-financing opportunities to their respective families, and the construction of new schools and/or the addition of cell blocks to existing schools located throughout Uganda.

SSBI - History