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LOOKING AHEAD - Summer 2013

Teddie Primary School, Amuru District, Uganda

In 2013, The Ssubi Foundation plans to build a relationship with Teddie Primary School in Amuru District, Northern Uganda. Teddie Primary School is a community run school with seven teachers and over 700 students from primary 1 to 7. The foundation was introduced to the school by the local area MP as a model community school who would benefit from a relationship with the foundation.

The following activities will help the foundation determine if a relationship with Teddie Primary School is beneficial;

  • Meetings with head teacher, parent teachers association and school management committee to understand plans for school and priority needs.
  • Copy of land title agreement that land has been designated as a school
  • Meetings with District education officer and engineer to discuss plans for Teddie to become a government sponsored school.
  • Meeting with local government leaders to ensure support for the foundation working in the region.
  • Meetings with other NGO's whom have helped Teddie in past to ensure coordination of effort.

Temporary structure at Teddie Primary School:

Play Grounds For Lela Obaro And Palenga Primary School

The Ssubi Foundation in partnership with the Mary Tidlund Foundation and Emmanuel Foundation will be installing 2 playgrounds at Lela Obaro and Palegna Primary School in Gulu District, Northern Uganda. The playgrounds come from Canada where they have been restored by Emmanuel Foundation and are then shipped to Uganda with the help of the Mart Tidlund Foundation. An outdoor equipment engineer will come from Canada to work with local labor and parents to install the playgrounds at the school. Installation typically takes 1 week per playground. Below are some pictures of a recently installed playground in Tanzania, East Africa.