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LOOKING AHEAD - Summer 2015

St. Stephens Primary School in Kampala, UG

In 2015, The Ssubi Foundation will be working in partnership with St. Stephens Church in Kampala to establish a new school. The new school will replace Lilly Kindergarten and Primary School, which was built by The Ssubi Foundation in 2008; the current school will be re-established to fulfill this mandate. This is a big project for The Foundation and it will include working in partnership with St. Stephens to assist the school in initial development, hiring of a head teacher and renovation of existing buildings, including purchase of furniture and scholastic materials.

Continued Support in Northern Uganda

In addition, the foundation will continue to work in Northern Uganda with three primary schools by:

  • Supporting the 6th annual Ssubi Cup, where for the first time Teddie Primary School will be invited to attend! And then there were three schools competing!
  • Establishing a teacher training program at Lela Obaro Primary School focused on counseling skills, with an emphasis on recognizing and advising high students at high risk of dropping out of school.
  • Maintaining the large outdoor playgrounds, which were built in 2013 by The Ssubi Foundation with support from The Emmanuel Foundation and Mary Tidlund Foundation.